Mix and Match Your Outdoor Cushions on Your Summer Patio!

Blue and red deep seat outdoor cushions around firepit

Bring a Festive Look to Your Patio for the Summer

With summer holidays and parties in full swing, it’s time to refresh your patio for a festive look! One of our best-selling patterns, Clark Blue, is the perfect print for the summer, especially for the 4th of July. With different shades of blues and reds against a neutral background and a firework-like medallion motif, Clark Blue can instantly bring an Americana and patriotic vibe to any outdoor space!

Arden Selections ProFoam deep seat bottoms are now sold separately to make it as easy as apple pie to mix and match your outdoor cushions! Watch below as Rachel switches up her deep seats from Clark and Sapphire Blue to an all-Clark Blue set. Either way looks so festive and fabulous! Our Clark Blue Deep Seat Kit arrives with a Sapphire Blue bottom, but now you can easily have an all-Clark Blue patio just like Rachel if that’s the look you’re going for this summer.

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Arden Selections ProFoam Clarke Deep Seat Covers