New Prints and Colors for 2023 from Arden Selections

Arden Selections, manufacturer of premium outdoor cushions, has released its new 2023 collection, featuring a gorgeous range of colors and prints.

Refresh your outdoor space this summer with the latest color trends, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere. From calming blues to vibrant greens and bright pops of color, you can give your patio a new look that will bring charm and style to any outdoor living space. With these gorgeous hues, you can create a tranquil oasis or a modern statement piece. Transform your outdoor living experience today with our latest styles.

Introducing Two New Shades of Blue from Arden Selections

Arden Selections has announced the release of two new shades of blue for their 2023 collection: French Blue and Cobalt Blue.

French Blue is a subtle yet sophisticated hue that instantly elevates any outdoor space. From its subtle gray undertones to its soft and inviting color, it’s perfect for creating an elegant atmosphere.

Alternatively, Cobalt Blue is a bold and vibrant shade that adds a touch of interest to any outdoor area. Whether you want to create a tranquil oasis or add excitement to your space, these two beautiful blues will make your patio stand out!

Blue is an excellent choice for outdoor spaces due to its calming and inviting nature. From French Blue’s subtle yet sophisticated hue to the bold and vibrant Cobalt Blue, these two shades evoke a sense of serenity that instantly heightens the look of any patio or deck. Not only do they provide an elegant atmosphere, but they create a tranquil oasis perfect for unwinding after a long day. With Arden Selections’ experience with outdoor trends, including two new blues, you can transform your outdoor living experience this summer.

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Arden Selections’ Newest Shades of Green

Arden Selections is introducing two beautiful shades of green to its 2023 cushions collection: Sage Green and Peacock Blue-Green.

Sage Green is a classic color experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Perfect for creating a serene and natural look in your backyard, this hue brings added style to any outdoor décor space.

Peacock Blue-Green adds a vibrant pop of color that will instantly bring life to any outdoor space. With these two new shades from Arden Selections, you can give your patio an unforgettable makeover!

The color green can add life and excitement to your outdoor living space. Arden Selections offers a classic look with Sage Green and a bold and vibrant option with Peacock Blue-Green. These colors will bring out the beauty of any outdoor décor, creating a refreshing atmosphere that will set the tone for summertime parties or simply relaxing. These new green hues will transform your patio into an oasis!

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Arden Selections’ Latest Prints & Stripes

Arden Selections cushions are showing off new prints for 2023, including a delightful variety of patterns.

Give your patio an exotic upgrade with the Red Leaf Palm print. This vibrant, tropical-inspired pattern is perfect for adding a touch of the beach to your outdoor space.

Add a touch of sophistication to your patio with Arden outdoor cushions French Blue Linen Stripe. This timeless stripe design will add a stylish and elegant touch to your outdoor space.

Or make a bold statement with the Teal Cobalt Stripe. This eye-catching modern design combines striking teal and cobalt shades, creating a unique look that will instantly upgrade the appearance of any patio or deck.

For a more muted look, the Taupe Grey Linen Stripe is ideal. This classic design features a neutral palette of taupe and grey that can be integrated into any outdoor living space for a timeless look.

Prints and stripes are perfect for making a statement outdoors. Whether you’re looking to create an exotic atmosphere with the Red Leaf Palm print or add timeless refinement with the French Blue Linen Stripe, Arden Selections’ newest collection of prints and stripes will instantly change the look and feel of your outdoor space. The bold colors of the Teal Cobalt Stripe bring vibrancy, while the Taupe Grey Linen Stripe conveys tranquility that can be easily integrated into any style.

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Arden Selections’ new outdoor cushions for 2023 offer a wide range of colors and prints. Whether you are looking for bright blues, beautiful greens, or bold patterns, Arden Selections has the perfect cushion to complete your outdoor décor. These cushions are designed to last through the years with their high-quality construction and UV-resistant fabrics. Transform your patio with Arden Selections’ 2023 collection of outdoor cushions and create an unforgettable atmosphere for lounging and entertaining!

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Concluding thoughts

This summer, Arden Selections is making it easier than ever to transform your outdoor living space with its experience in outdoor trends. Whether you’re looking to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere or a bold and vibrant outdoor space, Arden Selections’ most recent collection has a perfect cushion and color to suit your style. With updated colors and beautiful prints, you can easily create a stunning look for your patio with Arden Selections’ 2023 collection! With this impressive array of colors, prints, and stripes, you can easily create a distinctive atmosphere that will capture the beauty of nature and give your patio new life.


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